Setting Up an IPTV Service


What is IPTV?

IPTV is a popular form of digital-to-analog converter/transmitter technology. It delivers high-definition television programming delivered through IP networks. IPTV was first developed for enabling secure, low-cost video surveillance and control. IP TV is also useful for application deployment and IP TV services are being utilized in the retail, commercial, and public sector. IP TV delivers high-quality digital broadcast over the IP network and offers the advantage of a single IPTV subscription to multiple users.


History of IPTV.

IPTV was initially launched on the Internet and became part of the Broadband Technology Interface (BITP) in 2004. BITP-protected IP TV connections are supported by Unicast Real-Time Transport Protocol (SRTP) along with standard packet broadcast. The major feature of IP TV is that it provides high-quality broadcast video traffic within a secure network, without any form of transparency or loss of data.

How Does IPTV Work?

IPTV technology enables television stations to transmit digital-to-digital video signal over digital-to-analog converter/transceiver (DTC/IADC) networks, which supports different class of IPTV services, such as VOD’s (Video on Demand), broadcasts of live events, and recording of TV programs. The technology is based on the fact that digital broadcast traffic can be decoded by consumer receiver systems at the point of reception. The decoded signals are then sent to I-V transmitters for sending over the airwaves. The received ip tv signals are then decoded by television channels to enable transmission of the digital signal in the form of analog signals. A special decoder is used for this purpose to convert the analog signal into digital ones and vice versa.

IPTV system really is better than other TV systems.

Satellite and terrestrial IPTV networks run on different technologies. While the former runs on LNB (licensed local network) while the latter utilizes ISMP (Internet Service Provider) technology. This means that the latter has better potential in gaining wider distribution. However, both have significant disadvantages, such as long distance and cost.

IP TV is best digital TV technology!

The recent IPTV technology also uses digital subscriber lines (DSL) for transmitting IP TV signals. It is capable of transmitting IP TV channels at high speed over long distances. On the other hand, DSL technology is incapable of transmitting the digital signal of all bandwidth frequencies, such as 250 MHz, and therefore the IP TV systems run on lower frequencies. Small businesses and homes may use its services from their personal computers or from set-top box systems.

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An IP TV system consists of multiple units, including a Digital Video Recorder (DVR), Digital Video Interface (DVI interface), and a Video recorder (VCR). The DVR records the TV programs from remote locations and transfers them to a computer or a TV through the IP TV cable. The interface and video recorder allows you to pause and record live TV programs; you can rewind and playback the recorded program.

Benefits of IPTV

When setting up your ip tv service called digital cable, you need to check whether your Internet connection is reliable and strong. A good quality broadband connection is required to stream ip tv signals without interruption. There are various types of IP TV services available in the market including mobile, cable, PC-to-PC, OTT (operating system), server-side network and software-based. A video-on-demand TV service is a great opportunity to save money and watch lots of programs at the same time.

With the help of the latest technology and tools, you can easily set up your ip tv service called digital cable television. You need a high-speed broadband connection to stream ip tv signals to your set-top box and to view live channels on your television. A set-top box that supports SDP/SDP compatible modules will enable easy connect and enable smooth transfer of video data from your computer to your television.

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